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About Me

Regular work stuff.

I was a licensed financial planner (PFP), a chartered investment manager (CIM) and a mutual fund sales person for a number of years many years ago. More recently I worked in auto and home insurance, first with personal and then commercial insurance (OTL, RIBO). I spent about 2 years as a flight attendant and got to travel a bit too.

In between, I also did some charity fundraising for Amnesty International, Doctors without borders, Christian Blind Mission and many others. I enjoyed supporting other charities too - UN food programs, Save the Children, Red Cross and many others.

At McGill University, I was a founding member of the Journalists for Human Rights student body, and also elected to the boards of the McGill India Pakistan Student Association and the Hindu Student Association.

I eventually completed a bachelor's degree, a certificate in finance and a number of other investment courses. I've trained as a security guard, English teacher (TEFL), travel agent, bartender, budtender, food server, in first aid, and volunteered/worked on or with farms, festivals, dance classes and wherever my heart would take me to serve. 

In 2021, I landed up re-doing Reiki Level 1 - 20+ yrs after the first time, and I did Reiki level 2 the next year.

Since then, and starting in late summer 2022, I've completed a series of Vortex Energy Healing classes (Foundational, Sensing 1, Magical Structures, Karmic Intensive, Multifrequency, Lifeform, Omega, Core Veil & Awakening to Being Awareness, Sensing 1(x2), Sensing 2, Sensing 3, Deepening in Meditation, Creating a Professional Practice 1 and 2). 


In the spring and early summer of 2023, I had the opportunity to connect with and learn from about 40 inspirational coaches, intuitives, and mentors on a podcast that I've hosted.


I've been blessed to have come across some amazing teachers.

My favourite aunt, "Raj Massi" was the first person I met who did Reiki. She was one one of the kindest, most playful, joyful and compassionate people I knew, and though I haven't seen her in years, I fondly remember hushed tales of her magical energy work, and spent many joyful summers witnessing her devotion to daily praying, yoga, chanting, charity work, her family, community and work too.

Thank you Raj Massi. 

Caroline Coristine was my Reiki Teacher for level 1 and 2. The reviews are good, but she is better. Kind, fair, technically aware, an independent thinker, and a warm teacher. She's also a loving grandmother, mother, partner and dog caretaker. She agreed to be my first podcast host and we had a great, long chat. Thank you Carol.

Lorraine Goldbloom is one of only 5 Vortex Energy teachers worldwide - and I have had the pleasure of around 40 lovely days in her classes and presence. Every class has been magical and many have been intense and moved and helped me move a lot within me. She is one of the most powerful healers I have ever experienced. She's funny, knowledgeable, warm, present, focused and she helped me (and many others like me) rediscover my connection to self, divinity and magic.

Ric Weinman is the founder or re-discoverer of Vortex Energy Healing and I only did one 7 day course with him but the Core Veil & Awakening to Being Awareness was well worth the wait and one of the most transformational experiences of my life. All the other Vortex courses were also channeled through him. Greatly appreciate his brilliance, presence and humour too.

My mum and dad have inspired me in more ways than I can begin to describe and I am so grateful for their love and support. 


I'm focused on being the best/truest/most loving version of myself and would love to share my passion, skillset and energy with you! 

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