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Transformative Talks - Podcast w/ Shay

Are you a healer? Or an intuitive? Or a coach? A psychic? Do you connect with your higher/deeper self? Spirit guides? Archangels? Work with spirit/ God/ the Universe? How do you serve people, the world and your self? What was your journey like?

Tell me your story. The world could do with hearing more of these stories. And it could be fun, too! I've done quite a few (39+) interviews/chats and loved and learned from each one, and, for the most part, my guests enjoyed the experiences too!

It'll take about an hour - though it's best to spare 90 minutes to 2 hours. I'm flexible, will be respectful and my ask is that you are honest and present and focus on your personal experiences and let me know what your boundaries are and what not to talk about, if anything. :)

Sign up below and please include the title Transformative Talks and a brief blurb about you and your life in he description field. Thank you!

Transformative Talks - Podcast w/ Shay: Services
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